Monday, May 28, 2007

Am I being difficult?

 Just like about half a year back, I'm all sick and tired of this whole marriage thing, it's really darn irritating when you cannot do the things that you want to do.

First off they tell me it needs to be grand and memorable coz it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, then next they show me to this.. ... .. . Is having a weekend to think about it too much? And what fucking hotel is it that they don't even accept cheques?

One word, LOUSY.

I'm really in a good mind to cancel everything, we're ALREADY MARRIED anyway, why all the unnecessary stress?

Grand ballroom my foot, look at the fucking upholstery in the lounge, it's fucking torn and it's right at the entrance, now that tells you a lot about the hotel eh?

I am N.O.T. I.M.P.R.E.S.S.E.D. not a single bit by the so-called grand ballroom. It's just a fucking room without pillars, that's all. The layout is lousy, the staff are noisy and the place just reeks, can't they smell the horrible stale smell coming out from the room??

And what's with the damn bloody director? <i>You can treat me as your friend, dun think I'm unapproachable jus coz I'm a director..</i> He should thank his lucky stars that I did not laugh in his face. You are a bloody Catering Director in a merge 4 star hotel, I deal with directors and MDs in 5 star global hotels, so please don't make me laugh.

That guy is a hypocrite, xiaodi this, xiaodi that, I'll be surprised if he even have balls, he probably have lightsticks stuck in his pants to make people think he's a guy. The thought of him makes me lose my appetite, so what if you treated us to a buffet dinner, everyone working in a sales position have a quota they have to hit every month, don't pretend that you're so nice, treating us when it's just part of your job.

And what's with talking to his parents only? Am I invisible? HELLO, I'm the bride here, not the old couple you see.. You should give them respect but I'm the person who is getting married, not them. I'm like not there and the idiot just went on and on, blabbering in his oh-so-polite mandarin. Urg, you disgust me, I despise people like you.

Yes, I am very unhappy about the decision made, I gave my inputs, I told them I want more time to think about it and I was ruled out without a second thought. The place is just lousy and it's not worth $770 AT ALL. That's not a grand ballroom, that's just a fucking room. Do they have any idea what a grand ballroom is? Go across the street and look at Grand Corpthorne, that's what a ballroom looks like, not the fucking pathetic room you tried to play up as a grand ballroom.

I'm so sick of that bloody "director".
And what's wrong with them? Give me this and that? Everything they say contradicts themselves. Can they bloody make up their mind? Fucking idiots!

I hate dealing with stupid people, I hate dealing with people who do not think through with their brains (maybe they never had one), I hate dealing with liars.

Yes I'm being difficult, coz it's my damn wedding and I'm not given the choice to decide on anything. Don't come telling me that I have a choice, coz I don't.

This whole thing is a sham.

I hate hate hate this whole clown show.

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