Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pet Peeves

1. Top on the list is not getting enough sleep. Sleep to me is the utmost important thing, I dun give a damn who you are but if you disturb my sleep, then you're a god damn son of a bitch.

I'm fucking irritated now that I haven got enough sleep. I'm fucking irritated now that someone who did not allow me to sleep is still in bed now. Now call that considerate, you score two brownie points.

2. C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. I fucking hate children, I've never liked them and I will not like them ever, dun come talking to me about motherly instinct and whatnot, bullshit, children are fucking hateful creatures which should be kept in isolation wards till they're 18, all grown up before they're let out in the society.

I'm already irritated enough that I haven had enough sleep.. I was hoping to catch some winks on the train and 3 sets of parents had to be in the same cabin and this stupid little prat have to sit next to me. I'm trying to rest, I have a long day ahead of me but I can't get any of stupid prat likes to wriggle about and stupid prat's mom likes to drone on and on. Fucking parents, what kind of genes are they passing on?

Let me state this again, I do not like children and I have never considered having children. This is not open for any negotiation.
3. Wedding dinners. I never got it and I still don't, whatever had happened to wedding dinners?? In the past say 20+ years back, people have wedding dinners to share their joys with their close ones, so they have small intimate dinners with close friends and relatives.. These days, it's nothing but a wayang show, man, even the bride looks like something out of a wayang show with the thick layer of makeup and hideous clothes. Yuck.

I hate to pretend to be something I am not, I hate to live behind pretense.

I should learn to be like Windz kor, just take things as it comes, why make life so difficult for myself?
Please just leave me alone.

Thank you.

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