Thursday, May 03, 2007

Koh Samui

I finally have time to sit down in front of my pc and do up a decent post...

Taking two hours off from work, Ah Dear picked me up and it's off to the airport we go :) after so so long, we finally got to go for our mini honeymoon..

Ah bear was looking at the board but he couldn't make out the words.. forgot that he can't read.. haha.. all the people sitting around us were staring when I took ah bear out of my bag for that pic.. hee :p

On board Bangkok Air to our destination, a one and a half hour flight away.. The tickets are not cheap.. normal pricing is like around 600 plus, and the cheapest we found as like 350. Given the price we're paying, we would expect something like SIA since I only paid 500+ to fly to taiwan.. but..

Look at the food they serve..

Ah dear almost fainted when he saw his favourite lady finger and the food is as bad as it looks.. terrible.. it's one of the worst airplane meals I had, worst than the Garuda one.. The food we had on the return flight is not much better.

Touchdown at the Koh Samui airport.. It was an experience the moment the plane landed..

First they switched off the air conditioning, then we were driven to the immigration via some airport vehicle.. and the immigration is open air with 2 counters only!! Gawd!! It looks like Aranda over at downtown east! Everyone was laughing when they saw the immigration. Oh, did I mention that 80% of the flight are angmo?

There was some hiccups with the airport transfer and we almost got cheated by the local taxi drivers, luckily our hotel guy came eventually and we got a pickup ride over to our hotel located at Chaweng.


Our room was lovely.. the hotel sweetly decorated the bed with the big heart and rose petals :)

The pic dun do it justice but here's our outdoor jacuzzi!! it's damn big and just fantastic!! only problem is that it's outdoor so we're kinda like sharing it with the bugs..

Oh the place is filled with bugs and I got bitten of course..

Daytime shot.. that hotel is small but really very lovely.. but we have a problem..

It's on top of a small mount so that we can see the sea.. and we have to climb all the way back up to get to our rooms.. Good thing is we rent a bike the next day to get around, bad thing is, the bike is not strong enough to carry the both of us up the slope :p

Just look at the view, I wish I can wake up to such a view everyday..

We signed up for a tour package around the island..

We went visiting temples, waterfalls and all the various places of interest. It's really see and go, with 15 minutes at each location, we can't really do much. Oh, once again, it's all angmos except us.

Then we went to the famous Grandfather and Grandmother rock.. no prize for guessing why they are called so :p

But the water there is lovely, so clear!!!

That night, we went out on our scooter and it's street food galore!!

the squid looks good, but it's semi-cooked.. so we threw them away after one bite.. The salad was pretty good, spicy :) we had to ask the vendor to add more chilli, it was funny to see his huh? look :p

The weather there is really something.. half an hour riding the bike and that's how my arm was.. It's super hot and if you leave a bottle of water in the sun, it gets hot in 5 minutes..

Now I've got funny tanlines coz I got burnt during the bike ride and not when we were swimming..

Oh the sea is really very lovely.. the waters are very shallow, I can walk all the way out and the water is still only at my waist level AND it's still so clear that I can see my toes. I could just soak there for the whole day if not for the stinging things that bite me :(

The trip was really too short and before we had enough, we had to pack and go..

We had a great time laughing at the duty free, the shop is smaller than my room :p But at least they were very thoughtful and provided free drinks and snacks for the people waiting for their flights. But then again, they should, we had to check in about an hour before the flight and there's absolutely nothing to do at the airport.. :p

Super tan Ah dear and me waiting for our flight back home.

I really really liked the place, it's so relaxing that you can really spend time there and not think about anything else. Everything was laid back, people were friendly and though we almost got cheated, I somehow feel that it's a pretty safe place. We can leave our bags over at the beach and no one goes near them.

Our spending power is not that great there since there's so many caucasians driving up the prices, but things are still relatively cheap and there's much interesting street food to try out.. Once you get a bike, there's is pretty much nowhere you cannot go.

Oh, riding is so fun!! It's the first time in years since I've got on a bike and this time round, we're riding without license and helmets!! One word, shiok!! The wind in the hairs feels so good.

No worries about danger since we can hardly go above 60 with the bike we rented :p most times we're going at the relaxing pace of 40, perfect for looking at the scenery and all the shops around :)

I wanna go back to Koh Samui again soon!! I miss the beach already...


b.muse said...

So sweet, so blissful! =)

Heh, so where you planning to go for the actual one then? ;p

Jayce said...

hee.. top choice is Bahamas but it's way over budget.. second choice is Hawaii :)