Friday, May 11, 2007


Why are the air tickets to Papua New Guinea so ex?! It's twice the amount if I would fly to Bahamas, and it's much nearer!! And what's with the service charge, 215 bucks service charge?! When Bahamas is only 20 bucks?!

I wanna go Bahamas, we were watching tv that day and we fell in love with Atlantis.. The hotel itself has everything, from water theme parks to aquariums to lovely beaches.. It's just so lovely but it's so darn pricey!! The tickets there will set us back by around $5k... gulps... and the cheapest room rate I found is $370, and that's before tax and service charges and that's in USD. So say we're there for 5 nights, it will be around 600 sing per night and that's like 3k!! And we haven even start including meals and expenditure.

I think dajie is right, 10k is also not enough for us to go to Bahamas.. But I wanna go to a beach haven instead of going to Japan, both of us have been there before.. .. and I do wanna go somewhere a little more exotic for our honeymoon..

The other choice is Hawaii!! I found a tour package for 6d4n, only 1500, cheap cheap!! only problem is that it's valid till dec.. darn it..

What does getting married have to do with giving birth? duh..

Don't come insult me with stupid remarks. Giving birth coz of the 3 months maternal leave, who in the world would be so stupid to be enticed by that?! For 3 months of paid leave, you get hell for the rest of your life. It's the same as telling me to go have a baby coz of the baby bonus, which is like 0.000001% of the cost of bringing up a child.

What kinda logic is this? A child is not a toy, you don't go have a child just coz you think it's fun.

Some people don't think or maybe.. oh nvm..

And let me state this for the 13908704982342th time, I DO NOT LIKE CHILDREN.
Get out of my face >.<

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