Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you understand English?

Or am I speaking very bad English? I know my England is not that great, I can't speak amazingly well, but I always pride myself on being able to speak simple and clear english. I try to keep my sentences short and simple so that I don't make too many mistakes coz my grammar is terrible.. But why can't people understand me? Is my A2 for my GP fake?

I was so insulted the other time round when this arsehole australian guy said that I speak with a funny accent and that I should slow down coz he can't understand me. Hello.. the connection was lousy and I could hardly hear him, with or without accent, so what the fuck do he mean by I have a funny accent? I know I tend to go pretty fast, but I did try to slow down for that call and this idiot.. chao angmo..

Then today, I was emailing someone in M'sia, informing them that there will be a server restart tomorrow morning and they should reschedule their people to do the work in the afternoon. Is that difficult to understand? Yes apparently, coz first she came back that their people do their work on Friday, yah I know what, why else would I email you if I don't know what, then I repeated myself, telling her that we are restarting our server and then she replied that her people do the work in the morning.

What the fuck is wrong with this person?! I've already told her that we're restarting the server and she should reschedule her people to do the work in the afternoon. Of course I know her people work on Friday and in the morning but I need to restart my server and that's final. I'm just informing her out of courtesy and she's giving me all the stupid reply.

The things we do to earn a living.

I'm really trying to ren, to try to understand things from their point of view but hey, time is of the essence and we're just wasting it like it's nobody's business.

And at the end of the day, who will be the one settling the stuff? Us of course.

Trying to find a venue for wedding dinner now.. *stress*

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