Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have a mediocre mind and whenever I meet with a situation, I think of the fastest and easiest way out of it. I do not like to take the long path, unless it's been proven to work all the time.

Now that we're hard-pressed for time, I dun understand the need to.. .. .. See, I said I have a mediocre mind, how can a mediocre person understand a genius?? I even need spell-check to make sure that I got the word genius right, how can I even try to understand what's going on??

But life goes on, whether we understand it or not..

This is an interesting article on Sweden and how safe its roads are. Read beyond the part on road safety and look at the mindset of the Swedes, instead of blaming the road users for causing accidents, the authorities (aka road builders) reflects on the roads they had built and if they are truly built with safety in mind, if not, what can be done to make it so.

That's the kind of attitude we need in our nation, instead of having a knee-jerk response and blaming the people for things gone wrong, our government should reflect on the things they had done and see if they had truly done their part. Nobody is perfect, would you rather have a government who's perfect? Or a government who reflects on what it had done, admits their mistakes and honestly correct the mistakes? I would rather have the latter coz the former is just fiction.

We do not need the government to constantly tell us about how good they are, blah blah blah, actions speaks louder than words, do not wait for election year before actions are being done. Or when you need something, like a pay hike.. When the lower strata of the society is suffering, you dare to "propose" that a pay hike is necessary?! Oh sorry, did you even propose? I think we should be glad that we're informed of it.

Reflection is the most important thing a person can learn, we all make mistakes, but what we can do is reflect on what had been done, correct the mistake and don't do it again. Are we seeing that in our leaders right now? I really do not know, if anyone knows about it, let me know and at least I would be able to sleep better tonight, knowing that decency is not yet dead.

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