Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's irritating when she goes on and on about the same thing over and over, again and again. Can't she tell that no one is interested? Why do I need an extra thing to clutter my table? Of course they would appear like they appreciate it, it's call acting.

Fucking sianz.
3 people went for the meeting and 2 were falling asleep.. I dun see what's so good and interesting about the videos, they are so damn boring, lame and corny. You mean people actually learn from such videos. Of course there are the good ones, but the rest are like.. bah.. lousy..

I dun get it, why are they still recycling videos which are more than 20 years old?? Look at the horrid hair and dressing. I'm too mortified by that to be able to concentrate on what the video is about. And when I laugh, it's not coz the video is funny, I'm just laughing at how stupid the whole thing is.
Maybe they have a different perspective, then again, maybe they are just lame. All throughout the meeting, all I can think of is when are we going to end the meeting coz I'm so going to fall asleep.

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