Friday, March 02, 2007

Love and Compassion

In one of the ST articles, our dear MP Fatimah Lateef said the following, "Let me share with her that nowhere else in the world can you get a Budget which includes love and compassion abundance as this one."

*chokes with laugher* That have to be the funniest line in the papers since the "mai ham" line, it's so delusional that it's hilarious.

Love and compassion.. now what's the image they are trying to project? PAP as Mother Theresa? She is full of love and compassion.. As for the MPs.. Well.. .. ... My ex classmate was arguing with me the other day on how hard they work, we were at a class gathering when I mentioned that MP earns shitloads of money for writing a few letter, he rebutted saying that at times they stay throughout the night to write the appeal letters and they still have their normal work to return to the next day. Ok, I shall not argue with him since he's from young pap so he have a better idea of how the MPs work, but my question was, how often do that happen?

Work is work, when my work requires me to work late, I do that. Can the MPs be like me when I was in Dubai, I slept for an average of 3 hours for a span of almost 10 days, can they do that? And I mention average coz there's some days where I do not get to sleep at all. I did all these and I dun get an extra 5 digit income every month, so why should the MPs complain?

Plus it's their choice to become a MP, if working late is what serves the committee, then they bloody make sure they work late coz if not, why should we even vote for them? Oh, I just remember, we don't vote for them, they make sure that they go into the parliament without having to fight for any votes. Now that really gets my respect ok. It does.

Compassion, honestly touch your heart and ask yourself, is Singapore as a whole a compassionate society? Well we do have people who donates lots of money to the MRT suicide victim.. I totally agree with that, they donate a lot of money, that's coz they get to be on the papers. I'm not being a cynic, how often do you see people helping each other? How often do you see people helping when it's reported on the news? It's sad really, we don't bother to help our neighbors but when a stranger needs help and the story gets published, everyone helps out.

And there's something which puzzles me, how the heck can a Budget be full and love and compassion when they do not even consider the concept of welfare. Welfare is not a dirty word, it's a social safety net designed to take care of all our people in times of need. Of course there will always be people who abuse such kindness, but in which system is there no abuse? Remember the student whose parent drives a Mercedes receiving the MOE bursary for low income family? Just because there's abuse does not mean that we should do away with the system entirely, it's like just coz there's bank robberies does not mean that all banks have to be closed down, it doesn make any sense. It should be up to the authorities to think of ways to prevent such abuse and not use it as an excuse to not implement the system.

My work taught me this, every system there would be a flaw, we cannot abandon the system just coz it has a flaw, instead we should work at fixing the flaw. By just focusing on the negative, we will never be able to go on to greater things, instead what we should do is to focus on solving the issue and that will lead to bigger and better things.

Welfare is not a dirty word, Incompetence and Unwillingness to try are the real dirty words.

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