Sunday, February 11, 2007

Solemnization at The Ritz Carlton 020207

Some more pics over at my flickr account

Some updates for the wedding next year, I'm getting my gowns done at Ted Collections!! Always always loved the dressed that Don comes up with, this time round with him as my designer, I'm sure I'll look great :p

He's gonna help me design a wedding gown, tea dress and an evening gown.. We're already on the same page for the tea dress, short dress with black lace at the bottom part so that it can match my knee high maroon boots!! I just love this guy~~

He's gonna help me get a top makeup artist, for only 500 bucks~~ that's so cheap! He recommends a photographer plus videographer, for 3000, now that's a little steep, we'll see how it goes ;p

*happy* *happy* everything is going on well :)

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