Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lame Statement

"We get intimate now coz we're going to get married in the future anyway."
I was reading this news article about students making out in void decks when I chance upon these words. My oh my, I haven read such silly stuff in ages. We're not talking about tertiary students here, the students caught making out are secondary school children maybe around 14~15 years old, and there they are talking about marriage?!

It took me more than 6 years, after 2 failed relationship before I found the one person I want to settle down with. A 15 year old girl telling people that she's gonna marry her current boyfriend?! Sorry if I have to laugh ><

Then again, the papers might had made the interview up, I dunno about newspapers but I do know that some magazines make up interviews, or at the very least, add in things that they think the readers would like to read but the interviewee never said.

If ever I meet a 15 year old and she tells me that there's nothing wrong with making out with her boyfriend now coz they are getting married anyway, I would ask her this question.

Do you know how much you are going to score for your next Maths test?
The answer is probably no, I strongly believe she would not even know when her next test will be held. I think that answer speaks for itself, if she can't even tell the near future, how can she tell what's in hold for her years down the road?

How many of us do marry our childhood sweethearts?

Back when I was in school, our dear discipline master drilled this into us.. We must always behave when we're in our school uniforms coz the general public do not give a damn who you are, they only care about what school you are from, that's why we're not allowed to do a lot of things when we are in uniform. I seriously think it's true, would a auntie passing by know who the heck the student is? Would she even care? No, the only visible thing is her uniform and that's what the general public will notice and take note.

Misbehaving students in uniforms will only tarnish the school's reputation and I can't put up with that. If I'm a student of that school, I would feel ashamed since people will associate anyone in that school uniform with the misbehavior, it's just not fair to the other students.

But then again, would the misbehaving students even care? There is something wrong with the world these days.. something very wrong..

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