Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't touch my stuff


I don't like it when people touch my stuff without my permission, coz they'll start misplacing my stuff and soon everything will be gone.

I know I should not be angry, that my mum is just trying to be helpful, but I really cannot understand why she have to pack all the handphone stuff together with the computer stuff into one single box?! It doesn't make sense. There's a reason why everything comes neatly in a box, it's so that all the warranties, CD ROM, wires, connectors all stay together.

And there she went, packing my stuff without asking me about it and now I've lost my mini sd adaptor. It's no big deal, coz it's a spare but I need it now and I can't freaking find it!! She dun even remember where she chucked all my stuff and I have to go search for it.

Now I'm all dusty and itchy.. my rashes are coming back again.

Oh, I just realised, I lost my 64mb mini sd as well.

I'm not an untidy person, I like to compartmentalize things and put everything related together, so everything that have to do with this mobile phone is in that single box. Unfortunately my mother doesn't know that and happily packed everything together.

Good thing she kept the box, but I dunno if I should be happy or not, she threw away the neat little cardboard thingy which helps when packing all the wires and such. Fine, now I dun even know what comes with the standard package, coz she threw that away.

Damn I'm pissed...
*Ren* I must ren.. who says I have a bad temper?

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