Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On Being Late

I dun really understand why people can be late, there's clocks and watches everywhere, so why can't they be on time? On my desk alone, there's 2 clocks, the pc clock, landline phone clock, mobile phone clock and my watch, that's a total of 6 visible time telling device, that tells people how time conscious I am.

So I really hate it when people are late. I'm ok with friends who are late, mostly we're meeting up for casual events, so it does not really matter if they are late for like 15 min or so. But when it comes to working, I hate it when people are late, even if it's for lunch.

Every minute at work counts, we have loads of things to do and waiting for someone who is late is just an absolute waste of time and money. And if you're late by 10 minutes, it does not equal to wasting 10 minutes only, if there are 3 people who are waiting for you, it's already a total of 30 min and it's not a short time.

Someone was late for our lunch yesterday, our appointment was at 1145 and she had the cheek to appear at 1245?! There's a total of 8 people waiting for her, so that's a total of 8 hours she had wasted!! It's 8 freaking hours, how much work can we achieve in 8 hours?! Ok, let's be realistic here, it's not possible to work without stop for 8 hours, but let's say we're productive three quarters of the time, she had single-handedly wasted 6 hours of productive time. It's such a waste and the worst thing, she did not seem one bit apologetic about it.

I do understand that some people start late coz they end late, but to this extend?? I dunno how they think but I think we should always come into work before the boss does, or at least at the same time, not 3 hours after the boss had been in the office.

Different people have different work ethics, I just that's just a way of life.

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