Friday, February 23, 2007

15 minutes

It seems like a tiny amount of time but when you're talking to an idiot, it's an eternity. I jus wasted 15 minutes of life repeating myself over and over again and again to an idiot who does not understand english.

It's just my luck I guess
Shall try to stick to my resolution and stop complaining so much about work.. No, I really don't hate my boss, she's a lovely lady, I just like to complain, the problem lies with me, not them.

The other day I received a forwarded mail, ok, I hate forwarded mails but sometimes they can be real interesting. Anyway it's a ppt and it talks about handling anger, I think it's a great email coz I really learnt alot from it. From now on, I shall try to remember what I've learnt and keep my anger in check.

I remember back in the days when we had actual diaries, I always write only the good stuff, no complains, no sob stories, only the happy memories. It's like lying but when I look back, I like to see only the happy times.. It's time I dig my old diary out, I seem to be a happier person then compared to now. Work had made me bitter and sometimes I really hate what I have become.

Change, we should always be prepared for change. I dun really like change so I'm not handling the situation well right now.. darn..

People kept asking, so what had changed since you got married?? My answer initially was nothing had changed, I'm still the same person. But now I'm starting to see more changes, first I'm stayed over at Ah Dear's place for 2 days in a week, now that's a change coz I never stay over in the past; second.. err.. I dun think there's a second :p well at least there's some changes.

This had been a pretty good new year, shall sit down and blog about it properly over the weekend :p It was great to have all the 7 sisters together :)) Finally we gotta sit down together, all 7 of us :) It's been so long~~

Oh, I'm hooked on Heroes right now, just finished 16 episodes, I can't wait for 17~~ I want super powers too~~

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