Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Your Mailbox is Full

What a nice greeting email for the new year :p so it's shifting time, moving emails out of that folder so that new mails can come in. In the end, it took over an hour for all the new mails to come in and now I have like 200+ mails to read and revert on. What's new, this always happens after a long break.

Work work work. It's gonna be a blur from now till march with my solemnization and conference going on. Well things are more or less done for the solemnization, I only need to pay the deposit for the hotel, find a photographer, get a make-up artist and flowers and I'm done.

I have a pretty good start to 2007, met up with the babes on New Year's day, everyone was looking good and fresh for the new year :)

After lunch, we went shopping around and Ah Dear and I managed to find the perfect wedding bands :) They don't come cheap but it's something we're gonna wear forever, so it's worth every cent. Oh, mine comes with around 45 small diamonds :) Oh of course it's perfect.

Really very happy that things are more or less settled for the solemnization, I'm pretty excited about the whole thing now that the major hurdles are over and done with :) My Ah Dear is excited too :p

Well think it's time to go back to my mails. *must work* *need money*

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Burnz said...

Dear. I'm also very excited about it. I miss you darline.