Thursday, January 04, 2007


The moment I put my guard down, something happens.

What can I say?



玩? 有得玩吗?



It’s ok, I expected such things to happen. It always did and it always will. For a moment, I really wanted to believe that such things will not happen but I’m wrong. Oh well, it’s another lesson learnt.

Painful lesson? Not really, I’ve already learnt it a long time back, this is just a small revision. Good reminder, now I remember everything that I’ve learnt the painful way.

People always get complacent, and I did, and I got my reminder. No, I shall not be complacent anymore.

Certain people always have a very strong sense of righteousness; those certain people are those who place their trust in something other than themselves. When you cannot even trust yourself, what kinda righteousness is that?

Friends who know me will know what kinda people I’m referring to. Just in case, I’m not talking about the mud-diggers, I’m talking about those who think they are much better than the mud-diggers but am in fact the same as them.

Yes I sound pissed, coz I am pissed, but I’m not angry at anyone, I’m just angry at myself. I’ve stupidly let myself down again. There’s a reason why women loves to put on makeup, coz we love to wear masks.

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