Sunday, December 31, 2006

What a year

It’s the final day of 2006, time to do some reflections.. hmm.. reflect on what? How I’ve been? Blah blah blah? Nah.. I’m not a reflective person, I’m more reactive in nature.

2006 has been an interesting year, I gotta know new people, gotta find old friends and gotta travel quite a bit. I love Manila for the shopping; Bangkok and Genting was fun; found out just how lousy Bintan was; and gotta experience the life of the rich and the famous in Dubai.


In terms of work, I’ve done more things, managed a project on my own, work is tough but satisfying. Plus I have a great big boss! I just love working for him. Also I’ve got some new colleagues who are the best-est I can find, we have so much fun together! But we work just as hard!


Though he fumbled and stumbled and never got to do it right again, Ah Dear proposed..


Of course I agreed, I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with this one guy. Now that sounds scary but when you meet the right person, the idea is not daunting at all :) We’re getting married next year on the 2nd Feb, which is just a month away. Things are more or less done, I just need to go down to the hotel to pay up the deposit and then print the invites and I’m done.

My solemnization is gonna be at The Ritz Carlton :) That will look so nice on the marriage cert :) *happy* but it’s costing me a bomb!! Not cheap! But then again, it’s once in a lifetime, so it’s definitely worth the money.

Oh, today our parents are meeting.. Now that’s daunting, it’s sure gonna be an awkward dinner later, but at least we’re going to somewhere which have good food *yummy* I’m already hungry.

Though they did not say anything, but mum and dad already had their discussions and know what to say later :p let’s just see how it goes.

2006 had been a good run, 2007 is gonna be better coz I’m getting married!! Hee..


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