Thursday, January 11, 2007

Do not write on my book

Let me repeat that again, do not write on my book. It's bad enough that my diary is filled with my ugly scribbling, please do not scar my diary with your hideous handwriting.

This is a pet peeve, I hate people who writes on my stuff, be it my diary or just a printout. You have your own bloody printout, write on that and not mine, what in earth makes you want to write on my paper instead? What's the rationale??

And there are things such as post-it, can you bloody write on that instead of my book?? It's my book and not yours, I don't think you will be happy if I wrote on yours rite?

Was in another long meeting today.. It's irritating when the meeting is long, it's more irritating when we have a resident goondu in the meeting, it's even more irritating when the resident goondu is joined by another goondu.

Don't keep asking stupid questions, especially if the questions had already been answered. Were you even listening?

What are those things on the side of your head?? Oh my gosh, cancerous cells?? *shakes head*

What have I done to deserve all these? I must had been a bad person in my previous life.

I must had been an anti-christ.. or the devil.. or whatever..

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