Monday, January 15, 2007

Holding back

I was in a very nasty mood and I wrote a very nasty post... but before I can publish it, I deleted everything away.

I'm holding back the words.

It's always fun to have an anonymous blog so that you can rant and rave without any worries, but now that this is a blog where readers know who I am, so I cannot blog as freely as I would like it, which really is a shame.

I use blogs to blow off steam, I always say I can't stand my boss but right after I post such stuff, I feel differently about her. This is just my way to release frustrations. Who don't have stress from work and who don't get pissed some way or another, I get pissed all the time and I need a way to release all the anger else I'll go crazy.

This blog have been around for quite some time and it's no longer actively being updated. I get bored, blogging can get boring after a while. And more importantly, I have all the wrong people reading the blog, I can't write as freely as before.

I have a web counter, I can easily track who is reading my blog, what's their IP. And there's people whom I don't fancy who's reading my blog, thus the gradual slump in post counts and this holding back.

I held back coz my post concerns work and is very racist. It will not incite racial hatred, blah blah blah, I mean anyone who worked with them knows how hard it is to work with them, so there.

Holding back.. for better or worse??

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