Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Platinum Card in the house

Ok, it should be in the wallet :p but who cares.

Ah Dear got me a supplementary card a few week's back. Citibank Platinum Dividend card, that's the second credit card I have. Well it's sweet of him to get me another card, but it's really a challenge for me to have so many cards. Yes, 2 is too many for me, in fact 1 is already too many.

I don't really enjoy shopping but I enjoy spending money, living on credit is not a good thing and a credit card makes spending invisible till I get the bill at the end of the month. I don't like the shock of seeing just how much I've spent.

It may be a sup card, the bill may be sent to Ah Dear, but I don't live off him. I pay for myself, all the bills signed to the sup card will be paid by me and not him. I don't like the idea of living off someone, I enjoy being my own person, I earn my own allowance and I pay for my own stuff.

Living off someone sounds like a good idea till you see all the little strings that comes along with it, anything that the person do not like, you can't do coz he might get unhappy and cut off your credit at anytime. Nah, I prefer to be independent.

Oh, talking about the sup card, I'm surprised at how lax banks are these days, gone were the days where you need to be the top 1% spender to get a plat card, now with a basic income of 30k a year, anyone can get a plat card. What's the use of plat card when you're still bounded by the 2x monthly salary credit limit? Oh, it's good for the bank coz they charge you extra annual fees for getting a plat card instead of a normal card. Bah.

The timer is ticking, we've only 5 weeks to get everything done, I'm a little worried that we can't get everything done on time. For ROM, there's the 3 weeks waiting period, and then we have to invite the JP. *panic*

Worse come to worse, we shall do it at the Registry of Marriage then go to a nice hotel for lunch or something. I don't like that idea but time is seriously running out.

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