Monday, December 18, 2006

Two left feet

I can't even do a back-slide properly.. gee..

I'm helping out with a musical and unfortunately, not everyone can be at the practices so I have to stand in. It's horrible, it's one thing mimicking the instructor on how to dance, it's another with I HAVE TO DANCE with someone.

Sorry, I cannot dance. Period.

I can't "flow" with the music and I'm too "proper", one step out of sync and I'll be using the rest of the time finding that proper step back, which never happens.

I love to watch people dance though, I love ballroom dancing and I hope one day, I could do a waltz, but i can screw up something as simple as a back-slide, I think waltz can only come about if I have a super cute tutor and lots of practice.

Our instructor is this gay malay guy, but he's real good, I love it when he does all the saucy stuff, he's so much better than the girls :p And his body is damn nice, I never liked a bulky guy, what I like is definition and that's what he have, very define muscles, so nice.. Too bad he's gay. Oh well.

I'm enjoying the rehearsals coz it's fun watching all the senior management sweat it out in the studio :p I'm talking senior as in regional directors and stuff, some can dance despite their size whilst others are.. .. Well at least they bother to show up, not like the others who promised to show up but never did.

So you think you can dance?? Nah..

The ROM thing is giving me a big headache, fucked up Goodwood Park, I rather do it at Intercont. I don't care about the price, I care more about the service attitude, so what if you're an old established hotel?? Lousy service means lousy service, and you call that a lobby? My office is bigger than that. Hrmp.

Went house-hunting over the weekend and we saw this flat that's pretty nice, mid-floor with marble flooring, only thing is, we would need to top up.

I think it's back to the hunting, I don't really want something that needs a top-up.

The other thing to be troubled about is the wedding dinner, it's a year plus away but it's time to look for somewhere already. Ah Dear and I really liked Rasa Sentosa coz the place is cool and the pricing is surprisingly reasonable. The only thing is, his mum keeps going on and on about how hard it is to get to the place.

Gee.. we can always arrange for transport, and it's our wedding dinner, why should we care how other people are gonna reach the place, that's their problem, not mine. And we ARE going to ARRANGE for transportation. haiz..

Anyway we are gonna explore Nobel House at UIC, Ah Dear's sis says it's good. And the other place to consider is International Seafood (aka Big Splash), since my family knows the manager personally, being patrons for over 20 years!? Arrangements should be an ease.

And International Seafood serves the best.. seafood of course, and the pricing is reasonable, last sat, we had sea bass, prawns, crabs, lobsters.. All for just around 250 bucks, that's really cheap and all of us were stuffed to the hilt.

The only problem is the original location is under renovation now and though the projected date of completion is late 2007, it's still a little risky given the projected dates are just projected dates.

Still, that's my no. 1 choice for now :)

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