Friday, December 15, 2006

How right can I get?

It's high time I start to look for a new job.

I really don't get it, it's not as if I don't want to help, but when your stomach is threatening to pull into itself, when gastric juices are having fun with your stomach lining, do you go to work?

No of course, unless I have a death wish and want to have stomach ulcers. But apparently my boss does not think so, I was about to go to the doc when she called, at least 5 times. I finally picked up the phone and yada yada yada, without even asking me how I was, she launched into this monologue of how I should be in the office, how amazingly IMPORTANT the email was, how she did not receive the email (my fault that our co server sometimes block mails to gmail?!). I could not stand her yapping, I told her straight that I'm going back to the office immediately to send her the email.

And I did, took a cab down and sent her the email the moment I stepped into the office.

Guess what? When I asked her to confirm if she received the email, she told me she's out and would not be able to check the mail till later that night. Well so much so for the urgency of the email, it's so fucking god damn urgent that she had to get me to rush back to the office to send it only to have her going out?!

She pissed me off big time, and it did not help that my gastric was raising hell with me.

I was sick, that bitch made me rush back to the office for nothing. I did not even have the chance to go see a doc. If I get stomach ulcer, it's her fucking fault.

Fucking self-righteous bitch! You're fucking on compliance leave, do you fucking understand what that means?! Stop calling me at least 3 times a day, I'm not your maid, at your beck and call. I have fucking work to do, and who are you to tell me that I should not handle the other work with it's your big boss who asked me to help out. Fucking bitch!

I was really trying to be nice to her this xmas season but she makes my blood boil. And what is it about calling my mobile?? I'm in the fucking office! Call my landline!! And who's the idiot that asks if I'm in the office when I picked up my office phone?! What's with the messaging in CAPS? Very fun izzit? So I followed suit, all my messages to her are in CAPS and I send them twice to MAKE SURE SHE RECEIVES IT. Bitch!!

I know she treats me nice at times, but those times are usually after she gives me hell, and she don't give me hell coz I did not do my work well, she gave me hell coz she's fucking slow to understand anything. A normal person only need 1 explanation to understand something, she fucking needs me to explain the same thing over 3 times before she gets it. Now if that's not hell, then tell me what it is.

The whole incident was really uncalled for, I don't understand why she have to pester me even when she's on leave, why can't I have some peace to clear the backlog??

I need a new job before I die of a heart attack.

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