Friday, December 08, 2006


There goes my Taiwan trip :( Just this week, I found out that I have super rich and pretty influential relatives in Taiwan, these people are crazy, my mum just brought them around for a day and they gave her a box of bird nest!! I like!

So they run a chain of hotels or motels in Taiwan, and they're offering to host us.. So my leave starts from 22 Dec all the way to 2 Jan, but the thing is, there's no air tickets at all!! Else it's crazily expensive!! I'm not gonna spend almost a thousand just to fly.

Nevermind, my parents and sis can go on their own, it's too last minute, I rather just stay in sg with my Ah Dear..

Being a woman, I changed my mind again :p will still go ahead with the ROM plans, the only thing now is where?? Pretty hard to choose a real nice location, still trying very hard to source a nice and affordable place. Fan fan fan..

Just went to Bintan for our departmental Xmas party, we had a lot of fun though there were some frustrating moments.. Being the organizer is like so, still I'm happy that everyone had fun! It was a great Xmas party thanks to us and no thanks to the island.

Bintan is too much like Singapore, though we were there, it feels like we're in Singapore, and the service was lousy, have you ever seen a place where they chase customers out?! It was so irritating!

And it's not as if things were cheap or what, it's 110++ per nite and honestly the rooms were lousy. Chey. That's the thing about me when I travel, I must stay in style, anything less than 5 star is lousy to me. I cannot cannot stand lousy rooms, and I'm really too pampered by my co which only puts us up in 5 star hotels.

Bintan Lagoon Resort.. yucks.. Just like the 5-star Genting Hotel I stayed in, their 5-star is not better than Hotel 81 in Singapore. Standards are damn low.

The next time if I do return to Bintan, it have to be Angsana or Club Med. No more Bintan Lagoon, I dun even want to try Nirwana. No, the accommodation have to be top end. I'm pampered, I'm spoilt, I know that and I dun give a fuck to what others think.

Bintan is a lousy travel destination!

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