Thursday, November 16, 2006

You reap what you sow

"Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things." -Russell Baker

In the name of progress.. my my, what a convenient excuse, add helping the poor into the same line, it's the perfect reason to raise GST. More than half a year ago, we already knew that GST is gonna increase till 7%, nope, not that we have the power of foresight, but when you vote an elitist party into power, that is what you're gonna have. Hey, it was the majority's choice, so stop whining about it.

Economics is really very much about theories theories and more theories, does it really apply to real life? Of course it does, after the event had happen that is, we always have 20/20 hindsight. Increasing GST is a sound economic means to help the poor, yah that's true in theory, but how true is it in really life? On one hand the government is reducing corporate tax and on the other hand, they are increasing GST. I'm all for attracting businesses, but is giving tax rebates all the government can do? What about the wonderful infrastructure that they constantly boast of? What about the wonderful work force? Is that not enough to attract the businesses. In the real world, it's a sad yes, our infrastructure is good but not great, our workers are good but not cheap, in a world of bottom lines, the lowest cost always win.

Instead of coming up with a temporary solution like reducing corporate tax, should the government not think of other means to attract more companies into Singapore? We used to have leaders who can visualize our future, leaders who can think ahead. But these days, we only have leaders who go for quick, short-term solutions, do they seriously think that the casino is gonna bring the money into Singapore?? When the announcement for casinos came, I'm happy coz I like to have a chance to gamble proper in Singapore, but the ridiculous reasons the government came up with to justify the casinos? Ha. Exactly how bad is our economy that we have to depend on casinos for our future?

Singapore can never be another Las Vegas or Macau, our people and government are too uptight to ever welcome guest like those two places. Remember we are "conservative people", no gays, no vice.. Ha.

You reap what you sow..

I was discussing with Ah Dear on migrating and I'm serious about it. With the things going on now, I rather move overseas then come back to Singapore as a foreign talent, what's the point of a pink ic when all the government do is to rip you off? I know the world is not fair, so dear Singapore Government, stop complaining that Singaporeans are quitters coz you made us so.

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