Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best Moment in Dubai

It's not the dinner over at Marina which had an amazing view of Burj Al Arab... It's not the campsite dinner where I finally got to see Dubai's desert and feel how amazingly soft the sand is.. It's not lunch over at Al Muntaha, the restaurant on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab, which has an amazing view of Dubai's coastline, Palm Island and The World..

It's when Ivan came over to Grand Hyatt to visit!!!


Kor's visit is the best thing that can happen to a tired girl :) I missed him so much!! We did nothing but chit chat but it feels so great just to see a familiar face in Dubai. Dubai is a very cold country, its people are very stand-offish, so seeing Ivan was like.. ...

What can I say? We are not good friends for more than 10 years for no reason, we have the kinda chemistry that makes all the bad things go away when we're together :)

Anyway look how tan Ivan got :p


Ivan!! We can't wait for you to get back home!!! You must come back by Chinese New Year ok!! Oh, I'm gonna buy the new Absolut Bling Bling, so you'll have some alcohol to look forward to :p

Oh and thank you so much for coming over to visit!! It really means a lot to me!!! See you real real soon ok!

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