Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mummy dearest

She really is the sweetest thing, calling me to check if I'm ok and asking me to sneak a small nap if I'm still feeling drowsy.

My mum is an old fashion women who does not always act what she thinks. We had our rough times during my teenage years coz I'm not the kind that can let other people control me. My life is my own and I live it the way I want to. So we had our clashes but we more or less made up in the recent years.

She never outwardly shows her concern for us, being the traditional kind, but I'm really touched when she called me today just to check on me. Oh, I'm having rashes from some unknown allergies and seriously not feeling very well, but here I am at work and she's worried.

Lack of sleep and the allergy made me a very docile person this weekend, with me sleeping most of the day away. Normally drugs don't make me drowsy even if they're supposed to, but this time round, they know me out in less than 30 minutes.

I can tell that Mum is really very worried and concerned, and so is everyone else in the family. They kept asking if I took my medication, if I applied my cream. Thank you all, I can't say I'm ok but I'm still surviving..

Oh, it's Mummy's birthday tomorrow! Gonna get her a nice cake :) Already brought her perfume from Kris Shop :)

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