Tuesday, October 31, 2006


There are bad drivers and there are bad cab drivers. With the good, there's always some bad mixed into it.

Last friday I took a Comfort cab home, the driving was ok, not jerky or anything. But what impressed me was how calm the cabbie was at handling situations. There was this horrid driver who cut into our lane without signaling and with only one car space between us and the car in front of us. Instead of jamming the brakes like 90% of drivers would, the cabbie tapped his brake and steered the vehicle to the right to avoid hitting that bastard driver. All these are done in silence, no harsh words, no cursing, just plain smooth driving.

Anyone who's been in a cab know how irritating some drivers can be, mumbling curses at every other vehicle, but this guy was just cool *impressive*

If I were the driver, I would tail that bastard and reported him to the police for dangerous driving. That asshole! Some people DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS to drive, just coz they have the money to buy a car does not mean that they can drive.

Fucking road hazard. Oh, is it a surprise that his rear was already dented?!

I concluded that my cabbie must have went through defensive driving lessons, coz that's what they teach, in an emergency situation, always tap your brake, look for an opening, then steer your vehicle towards that opening when applying your brakes. Slamming on your brakes does not work as well as tapping it first then slowly depressing it, even a non-driver like me knows that, I wonder what they teach in driving school.

Last night I left the office after midnight and got on to a Silver cab. I did not have a good feeling the moment I board the cab, what is it with the silence? Can't he switch on the radio? It's so nice and quiet I can fall asleep.. almost.. coz I was too scared to fall asleep.

It was a long 20 minutes for I was worried for my life... The cabbie was driving at an average of 120kmph, which I'm really ok with, wh
at I'm not ok with is his constant changing of lanes just so that he could go faster. Hello, I'm not in a rush, even if I am, I would not ask the driver to do that, coz it is dangerous.

It's not dangerous coz the driver is lousy, it's dangerous coz there are lousy drivers who will panic when they meet such reckless drivers. I have confidence in my driver, I just don't have confidence in other drivers.

And I don't really see the point of him speeding just so he can see the rearview mirror of the car in front of us, then slow down and change lane. Is it that hard to drive at a constant speed? Judging by the cabbies I've taken in the last 6 months, I would say yeah, most drivers have no fucking idea how to drive at a constant speed. They accelerate, then slow down, then accelerate again. Out of 10 drivers, only 2~3 knows how to drive at a constant speed. I don't think it's an issue with their vehicles, coz I've been in those damn old cabs and yet the ride is smooth.

There were a couple of times where we passed by cars with less than 30cm of allowance, and that's not all. There was one time where my cabbie tried to chase an Integra. Hello!! That's a fucking Integra and you are a fucking cab, what makes you think you can outrun him??

Then he seem to have issues with this Nissan Caren(?) coz that Nissan and my cab was passing each other every 2 minutes, we are ahead, the the Nissan overtook us.. then again.. argh.. Irritating!!!

Went the cabbie went off the expressway exit, he was traveling at 80, fucking 80kmph!! And he almost hit the Nissan in front if he had not applied his hand brake. Yes, mark my words, he used his freaking handbrakes to stop the car!! What the ************!!!!! It's bad enough that you are traveling so fast that your normal brakes can't slow you down and you have to use your engine brake, but to the extent of using handbrake. I must say it's a first.

I've been in so many cars and I've never seen a driver use their handbrake to slow the car. I'm surprised I got home in one piece.

This morning, I saw another piece of recklessness. I really don't get these people.. haiz.. See I saw this couple on a bike, no biggie, a skinny guy and a fat gf I thought.. Oh I was so wrong, the girl was not fat, she's pregnant!!! Using my inexperienced eyes, I would say she's 5~6 months pregnant, and there she was, traveling on a bike. Now what the fuck is wrong with these people? Can't she take a cab, she's pregnant for goodness sake!! If not for herself, what about her baby?!

Some people so not deserve to be parents.

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