Monday, October 30, 2006


It's really just me, I don't even feel comfortable at my own family gatherings, not to mention Ah Dear's family. It just feels weird being in a place full of strangers. And it's worst when there's screw-ups at work.. argh..

His family is really very nice, all his uncles and such, but I just don't like such occasions, it's just not me to enjoy such gatherings, I'm a person who prefers to be on my own, or with a small group of friends.

So it was darn awkward last night when ah dear left me with his sis and then went off to pick up his cousins. I mean, what was I supposed to do?? Who should I sit with and such? I'm never good with such stuff and I usually stick with my mei if ever I'm over at my grandma's. It's just damn awkward.

I'm always anti-social, been like so since young. So many of my colleagues commented that they did not dare to speak to me when I first join the company, coz I don't have a friendly face. And I don't particularly enjoy being friendly to strangers. I mean you're a stranger, what do you expect me to do? I'm a pretty reserved person, I don't like to socialize.

It was a ok dinner, food was not fantastic but the chilli and the dessert was good. Maybe I'm just not very used to the old school style of dinner, you know, the pink serviette, white plastic plates, glass for chinese tea and plastic table cover.. But hey, they don't charge service charge and it's only 200+ for a 8~9 course meal, now that's value for money. And they did change our plates 3 times, so it's pretty good.

I'm looking forward to my Uratama!! Ah dear's sis just got back last night, meaning my new xiao xiao is at his place already!! Yippee!!!

Ok I'm crazy, but I don't care, I can't wait to play with my new xiao xiao :) Oh, my current xiao xiao is already in its fifth generation :p not bad eh, no deaths so far ^^/

Gonna be flying off to Dubai on Wed night, it's an 8 hour flight and will reach at local time 0300 :p so early in the morning!!!! And we have to share rooms :( The reason why I enjoy these trips is coz I always get a room to myself, but this time round, due to budget constraints, we have to share rooms. Oh well, I think Serene and I get along pretty well, so it should be fine :p we can always help each other take care of our tamagotchis :p

It's gonna be a pretty long trip this time round, will be flying on the 1st and only reaching sg on the 10th.

Hope there will be time to join some of the activities and I will try to keep my temper in check. There will be a serious lack of sleep, but I will try to hold it in, afterall, everyone will be missing sleep. Gonna sleep the weekend away after I'm back.

Sometimes I don't understand my boss, I think it's a woman's thing.. Oh well. Ah Dear promised me that after June next year, I would be able to get a new boss, a boss who will allow me to sleep till I wake up naturally. I like the sound of that :)

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