Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wedding Ideas

Oh, in case anyone still don't know, I'm engaged and getting married next year :p I haven got the time and more importantly, the inspiration for a wedding announcement post, so I guess this shall be it :p

Gonna do this as a start of a series of wedding ideas :p sisters, you are welcomed to comment :p

I saw this post in Dilbert blog and I think the idea is interesting.. Not the nipples!! *read the post* But the disposable cameras on each table for the wedding. Now I think that's a real good idea, then people can feel free to take goofy pictures and whatever they like, and disposable cameras do not cost that much anyway.. hmm..

But it's Singaporeans we're talking about.. would they even bother?? Hmm.. maybe the youngsters, but the old ones? I think I shall just prepare a few, just for the younger ones. If the average age for that table is more than 35, I think we should scrap the idea.

Was talking to Tian last nite and we came out with this idea :p Cowboy theme for the wedding!! Coz I want to wear white leather boots on that day!

Nice rite?? But it's 99 pounds.. ex.. but I want!! Pretty right??

This one also darn nice!! I like!! Princess Bridal Boots!!! USD$110..

All so nice!!

Anyway back to the cowboy thing, will have to wear a short skirt, which is really half my plan, I'm short, I honestly don't think I look good in long dress, prefer something short then with a train behind.. And then I can show off my lovely boots :)

Oh, then I shall go get all the nice nice cowboy hats and make ah dear and his friends wear them :p

Perhaps a lasso too?? hmm... Must get ah dear boots like this..

Image Hosted by
Must must must have the stud thingy behind.. hee

We had fun talking about it last nite..

But honestly, it's time to really sit down and plan properly liao, must think about the budget, when to hold the wedding, where to hold the dinner.. so many things!!!


b.muse said...

Heehee yup, so when are u making appointment with *ahem* wedding planner? ;)

The boots are nice! Very YOU.. prefer the 2nd one, but need more height I feel, no? :p

Jayce said...

yes!! I also think so :p I think I have a boots fetish.. hee..

I want 3 inch, but chunky heels else I might fall all over the place. I love the ribbon of the second one!! darn nice rite??

Of course I must make an appointment with my dearest wedding planner.. oh, and not to forget the wedding planning committee (cannot forget xianhe, zhen and tian :p). Will definitely do that once I settle on the date :p