Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stress diffuses upwards

Serious, it oozes out of the stressed person's pores and moves upwards till it meet another person then diffuses into that person.

That explains the dreams that I've been having recently. Note the plural, it's not just a dream, it's a grand total of 3 dreams. The first time I can just dismiss it, second time I can still brush it off, but the third time? It's too much of a coincidence.

First dream, I was back in Uni, having an econs exam over at this location outside school (nope, it's not suntec) and I was panicking coz I haven studied for it at all. The panic level is still ok coz Econs is no biggie to me, I can easily breeze through it, it's just a matter of how well I'm gonna score.

Second dream, more or less the same as the first, also econs exam, and I never studied. This time round I was a little more worried coz it was the essay paper and I could not really remember all my demand and supply curves.

Third dream is the most horrifying dream. I was going to have a maths exam and I DID NOT STUDY for it. Argh!! Maths!! It's really a nightmare, I've returned all my sin, cos and tan to my tutor already, I have no idea how binomial theorem works and integration?! *gasp* This was the only dream where I actually woke up shaking, yes I hated maths, I only like addition, the more money the better :p

So back to the stress diffusion part.. Is it no surprise that my little sis is doing her A Levels this year and she have like tons of mock test? Is it no surprise that she's having a maths test recently and I had my maths nightmare just the night before??

Mei!! You owe me 3 :p It's so stressful to have those dreams..

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