Friday, August 18, 2006

More lawyers

SMU is gonna start their own law school to produce more lawyers.. interesting.

Last time I heard, we have way too many lawyers in Singapore, so much so to the point that a customer can bargain down the legal fees for competition is stiff. So why do they need more lawyers? Or am I just misinformed?

My dad told me about the bargaining part, that's why his friends did, bargain with a lawyer. Now can you imagine that happening in the past?

Check out Mr Wang's insider view on the lawyer issue

hmm.. I dunno, I guess we're talking about different kinda lawyers, or maybe lawyers of a different celibre?

Oversupply? Undersupply? Either way, I feel that these stuff are best left to the market to short out and our dear govt should keep their nose out of it.

Summary judgment for the case of Chee vs Lee

Check out this article.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder, is age getting to him?? Dismissing common law?? How can we be a global city when common law is not respect? How can companies feel safe to invest in a country where common law is dismissed?

I really don't get it.

The Singapore media, they can only report facts and that's it, they cannot have any opinions about the local politics else they would be considered partisan players. Yah, then what about all the comments on politics of other nations, does that mean they are partisan players of other countries??

It does not make sense, a newspaper is a newspaper for it contains analysis, opinions and comments, take that out and all you have are comics, or maybe even not for comics are opinion pieces.

How can we ever bring up a child in such an environment? Where they are so protected? Where they are not encouraged to think? The child would only turn out to be another drone, toiling for the Singapore economy. He would be one of the apathetic youngsters who do not even know who our PM is.

It is not that youngsters are not interested in politics, it is them who made us scared of politics, it is them who brainwash us into being apathetic.

A friend asked me if Singapore will fall when MM Lee dies, I said no. We are much stronger than that. It will be a shock to the nation when he passes on, but it does not mean that we will collapse, Rome was not built in a day, Singapore will not fall in a day. Singapore is not just about him, it's about us, the people.

Young Lee may not be the strong leader his father was, but Singapore can survive through his leadership. It's a gut feel, we can survive and we will survive, with or without the Lee family. And if all else fails, we can always migrate to Australia.

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