Sunday, August 13, 2006


I’ve made the mistake of switching on the evening news tonite and .. … ..

Do our news really have nothing to talk about? Do have to make a news item out of a water spout?? Oh, it’s only in the website that they called it a waterspout, on the news itself, they kept calling it a tornado? Play of words? I would suppose so.

It’s so ridiculous, a waterspout sighting as a news item? It’s so damn common in tropics, it’s no big deal and it’s not like someone died or something.

The level of general knowledge in Singapore is so damn low, I still remember the time when I was at a supermarket sashimi counter and this guy was cutting a big fish. There was this pair of parent and child and the child asked the mother what fish was that. Guess what? The mother actually answered that that was a shark.. oo.. the man is cutting up a shark.

Yah right.. you eat shark sashimi, you’ll probably be poisoned after the first few pieces (in case anyone DO NOT KNOW, shark meat contains a high concentration of urea), but that is if you can stand the smell and eat it in the first place.

The guy was actually cutting up a tuna, which is pretty big, and in no way looks even close to a shark. It’s ridiculous, as long as they see any big fish, they would assume that it’s a shark. Duh, that’s the level of general knowledge most Singaporeans have.

Oh, another thing, I can’t stand it when people keep saying they like wa-sa-be, for goodness sake, it’s wa-sa-bi. And it’s Sa-ka-e (e as in a bird) and not Sa-ka-ee. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Please stop the slaughter of the Japanese language damnit.


b.muse said...

Haha. sa-ka-ee? I get ppl saying sah-kay!! :p

Jayce said...

*faints* some people.. argh..