Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kekkon Shimasu

Finally we brought the Tong Shu and started looking at the dates suitable for our wedding.. But but.. It's just too confusing, there's so many dates to choose from, so many clashes and stuff, we gave up. We'll just go over to You Long Zi this week, pay him the 200 bucks and let him give us the dates.

We really tried, but sometimes, it's really much easier to pay the money and save the brain cells. Also the 200 bucks would get us 3 dates, plus the good timings in the day.. chim chim chim.. I hope it's not ungodly hours like 5am in the morning kinda :p You have to kill me before I wake up, then again, if I'm dead, I will not wake up :p haha.. crazy..

Ok, so here's the plan, we shall have a date by the end of this week. Preferably in July or August 07. Then by the end of September, we would already settle our dinner venue (either Chef Chan or Neptune Court), went through the menu and paid deposit for the tables.

The next big hurdle is the wedding gown, photo shots. Hopefully by late September or early October, we would have already went down to take a look at the gowns, negotiate a good package and start to try on some gowns already.

Also must go down to Teds to take a look at cheong sum for mum. I dunno what Dajie and Mei should wear.. also my 7 sisters.. *headache*

Then by October, we should have already decided a theme for the whole wedding. Ah dear you better think of something else I'm really gonna go with the cowboy thing.. hee..

Ok, did I miss out anything else?? hmm.. Oh, a flat.. that one ar.. Will have to see how it goes, so far we will look at walk-in selections, but if we don't find anything we like by March, I think we should start looking at the open market. Though I do not really like the idea of ROM first, it's really a more practical idea.. haiz.. the practicality of life just kills all the romance, now you know why Singapore have such a low birth rate? All these stifling rules, how the heck would anyone be in the mood for love?

Honestly I dun even know about the children part, if possible, I would move out of Singapore for my children, I don't want them to grow up in a society full of lies, in a place where someone will promise a lot then never delivers. Even if I have no choice but to raise my child in Singapore, I would not follow the Singapore style of bringing up kids. First, no kindergarden for them, for goodness sake, these children can hardly talk properly and you expect them to do homework?! No way, my child is going to have a PROPER CHILDHOOD with loads of fun and NO HOMEWORK.

Now now.. I veered off too much, shall talk about the Singapore education system some other time.

There, I need to get a checklist of all the things I have to do before the wedding.. stress stress stress...

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