Wednesday, August 23, 2006



So excited, finally finally finally!! After one year, his new album is finally coming out..

Check this out.. his new song will be out on the radio in another 9 1/2 hours!!!

Oh my gosh!! When is the 预购 for the album in Singapore?? I wanna buy!!!

And check these out..

Can you not tell that I'm in love??


nottotian said...

WOOHOO I'm in love too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to 订购!!

YanZ said...

Heard the song tis morning... duet with FEI YU QING! fuah haha... Power~ haha... still felt abit guai guai though hmmm...

Jayce said...

Tian!! I went Sembawang yesterday and they told me the preorder is on 25th.

But hor I might buy from TW, they have free jigsaw plus poster leh!!

Xindy:: of course power, my laogong leh.. hee.. honestly does not really sound like him rite :p Anyway I have the mp3 wor, you want??

YanZ said...

haha... he sounded more "qing piao piao" like fei yu qing haha... MP3 on that song huh? errr.... hahaa don wan... later luff too much.. still haven get used to the combination ley...