Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy National Day

I wonder, why would anyone tell me that? I mean, what's so happy about National Day? In reply, I would rather just say, happy ph, cherish the little number of ph that we actually have.

National Day? I spent my day asleep. Celebrate? For what? I love my country but I do not like all the wastage going in to make us united? Hun, too much is emphasized on the state already, what about self? Where will the state be without self?

Then they start to talk about racial harmony again.. it's such a stale topic.. Of course we can't take racial harmony for granted, it's an artificial state that needs constant maintenance, but to keep harping on it? It just reminds me of the way they harped on the perils of meeting net friends. What perils? I've met like tons of them and nothing happened to me, coz I have enough common sense to know how to avoid potential date rape places.

And I do firmly believe that 99% of Singaporeans out there have the same amount of common sense, as for the 1% who lacks the common sense and gets date rape, hey, it's survival of the fittest here.

So please don't come tell me about racial harmony and how important it is. If our society is so frail that a single remark can send the whole city into racial riots, then should we not look at why our society is so weak, instead of continually looking at ways to surprises such remarks. Instead of looking at the superficial problems, why can't we look deeper and solve the root of the problem??

National Day.. National Day.. To me it's really just a waste of time and money. Do you know exactly how much time goes into the preparation? How many schools were being "asked" to join in the performance?? haiz..

Sometimes I wish things were simpler. Like when we were younger, we have all the patriotic songs, Stand up for Singapore, One People One Nation One Singapore, remember all the classics? I can still sing them from memory and I enjoyed singing them. But now.. All I can say is that I'm glad I subscribe to cable at home and I can enjoy my dose of Taiwanese talk shows (raw and uncensored) whilst everyone else without cable is stuck with the NDP parade :p

So was yesterday a good holiday? Yes of course, any day for me to sleep in is a good day. So was it a good National Day? Huh? You mean it was National Day? I hardly see people wearing red on the streets, but maybe I'm just in the wrong part of the country :p

I'm suffering from post-PH blues..

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