Wednesday, July 19, 2006

False Alarm

Fuck the building management! Fire alarm rang, PA announcement asked us to evacuate immediately coz an emergency situation. Oh we can't use the lift coz it's a fire, so we have to take the stairs and I'm on the 30th floor, so that's 30 flights of steps down a dirty stairwell.. argh..

And 5 floors down, the PA system came on again and guess what?! It's a freaking FALSE ALARM!! WTF!!

Stupid building management, can't they check properly before making the announcement? Why the haste to make an announcement? Isn't it better to check first? Duh.. I hope some big boss writes in to complain.

Waste my time.. and efforts..

Now whatever good mood I had from yesterday is all gone with the wind. Duh.. Anyway I won this silly competition in my department, it's silly, but with the prize being a spa voucher and lunch with my big boss over at The Line, I think it was worth all the work I've put in over the weekend.

Ok, technically not the whole weekend, just sunday night :p I just needed to come up with a powerpoint resume and a email blast, and in addition, I came up with a blog for the department, though that was not part of the competition. Must score some brownie points with big boss mah :p

Anyway it was so easy to come up with a blog for the department. The hardest part was searching for a suitable blogskin, that took me like hours before I found something that wasn't too silly, look professional and simple. After that it's the tedious tweaking of the template in blogger, change the color, change this, change that.

In an hour, all that was done and all was left was to add the posts :p so far I've only added 2.. Just not inspired to write anything, the topic is so dry.. what can I write? But now that I'm the owner of that blog, I will have to take care of it, add posts and make sure it stays alive :p

Lunch at The Line, I'm looking forward to the lobsters *yummy* and we shall see if Melt cafe really matches up or is The Line still da best :p

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