Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Being the loudest does not mean you win

But apparently that's what the Chinese nationals on TV think last night. I was watching this talk show which was touching on the topic on Chinese nationals who comes over to Singapore for their child's education.

I'm not in favor of the government policy towards this group of "immigrants" but then it's the government, you expect them to get it right the first time??

Anyway what appalled me was how rude the Chinese nationals were, they have total disregard for other people and will at any time interrupt other people and just talk as loud as they could. What's wrong with those two ladies? Don't they know that being the loudest does not mean you win, it just shows how uncouth you are. *disgusted*

I personally worked with Chinese nationals, they are all highly educated and definitely do not act like the two aunties on TV last night. The aunties tries so hard to be classy but they way they talk just shows how crass they really are. So what if you are rich in China? You are still a bum in Singapore and you are rude for that matter.

Don't their mums teach them to be polite? Don't their mums teach them not to interrupt others when they are talking. I know it's a heated debate, one where they talked about matters that's close to their hearts. But by acting like that on TV just gives the viewers the impression that study mothers are all crass, uncouth and just out to earn a quick buck.

I do not think that all study mothers are like them, but I'm tempted to think so. Yak yak yak, all hot air and more hot air.


yj said...

but one teared at the end. the other tried to act pitiful.

Jayce said...

Wow, I didnt even managed to watch it till the end, I was too disgusted by their behaviors..

Anyway, who says Chinese can't act? Those two are perfect examples.

yj said...

haha. whoever said chinese can't act must either have met some starlet-wannabes or just came from outer space. ;p

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