Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who's the real loser?

And who's the real winner of the cab fare hike. Oh, they gave all sort of reasons like the increase in oil prices, that their drivers needs to make a living, and conveniently forgetting that the million dollar profits that they earned from the rental of the cabs.

So who's the real winner here? Exactly how much of the fare hike goes into the pockets of the taxi uncles?

I'm one of the minority who still takes a cab despite the increase in fares, seriously. Remember the times where it's impossible to get a cab from 6pm to 8pm? Remember the times where you have to queue for almost an hour just to get a cab? Remember the times where you have to call for at least 15 minutes before you can get a cab at 9pm? Now, there's no more waiting, instead of people queuing up for cabs, you get cabs queuing up for passengers.

Calling a cab? What for? There are cabs everywhere right now.

So who's the real loser of the fare hikes, the taxi drivers. Not only do they have to endure grouses from passengers, complaining about the increase in fares, they suffer for less people are taking cabs in general.

Of course this is a passing phase, soon people will start to forget about the unfairness of the hikes and start taking cabs again. But It's already been almost a month since the hikes and the aftereffects are honestly shocking. How much will it affect the livelihood of the drivers?

There are so many ways the taxi companies can help their drivers with the increase in oil prices, they can easily help by reducing rental. Fare hikes helps no one but themselves and their pockets. Where have the caring management gone to? How long have it been since they stepped into the drivers' shoes and think for them? How long have it been since they occupy big comfortable offices that they forgot about all the drivers that puts them up there.

It's sad to see the situation like so, it's sad to see so many cabs queuing for passengers in town area at peak hours.

Union and Smart did a clever choice of not increasing fares, now they see an increase of their call bookings. Passengers rather book Union and Smart cabs rather than go for the readily available Comfort cabs. And that is also true for company sponsored taxi trips.

For me, well, I just take whatever's available. Fare hikes are unreasonable, but the taxi drivers needs to make a living.

Oh, I always tip.


yj said...

i'm very touched by ur entry. if only more ppl can be as wise and understanding and generous as u.

my father has been a taxi driver for 26 years so i can more or less relate to this. last time things wasn't so bad. last time when comfortdelgro was still ntuc cooperative, the management themselves were also taxi drivers and so were more understanding. after privatisation, profits only went to shareholders and the poor drivers are at a losing end.

i think the japan model of taxi companies is good. drivers get a fixed salary. and if u have good drivers, it would be a win-win-win situation. company get profits, customers get good service, and drivers won't starve. but sadly... i'm not sure how many drivers in sg can be good ethical drivers...

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