Tuesday, April 04, 2006

He's 25!!

Happy Happy Birthday to our beloved "jie mei" Ivan!!!

Today is dear Ivan's 25th birthday!~!~ so the 7 sisters met up last Sunday to celebrate his birthday.

We met at The Lounge over at Intercontinental for the high tea buffet. The pricing and food is ok, what I like is the ambience and the great pianist they have there. That guy is amazing, he can play with one hand, dance to the tune and all these without scores!! Amazing.. Even the 3 Grade 8 piano players around agree :p

I have a flickr set for the pics we took that day, please click here to download the full size pics :p

Here's the table we got, it's right in front of the piano, though can't really see it in this pic :p

Yummy yummy food.. hee.. anything small appeals to me :p The macadamia tart was uber good!! And I love the gummy bears!! hee.. Ah dear even dipped them into chocolate for me.. nice..

We should had went on a Saturday, then they would serve sushi, but as Ko is closed on Sundays, no sushi.. There were quite a selection of sandwiches, pastries and a chocolate fountain!! I like, though it's a pity that they don't have strawberries :(

Ivan with his pressie!! Though Tian suggested that we get him a bright pink tie :p Jun and I decided not to sabo him and get him a silvery tie with pink stuff.. I can't really describe it expect that it's really nice and it will defintely help Ivan score in his interview!! So Ivan, must wear hor!! It's Raoul leh ^^

Ivan and the girls!! Lucky guy :p always have so many pretty girls around him :p

The pretty girls ^^/ Xianhe and Xuan is missing :( but we'll make it up by taking tons of photos when Xuan gets back.

Our men and a big mouth.. hee.. I like the tee :p

It's so fun meeting up with the sisters :) Ivan must be more consistent with attendence hor, else Fluffy will take over your place before you can blink :p

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