Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Which part of "I'm busy" is not understandable

Sometimes I just want to trottle people by the neck. Exactly which part of "I'm busy" is so hard to understand?

When someone calls and you tell them you're busy, the most natural thing is for the other person to ask you to call them back and then out down the phone right? Well apparently I know people who does not understand the words "I'm busy".

Even after I tell them I'm busy, they continue talking. Hello.. I am very busy these days lor, things are going crazy in my office, I'm covering my colleague's job till her replacement is here, I'm organizing a training event, I'm doing my own work, I'm helping my boss with her work. And I'm going on leave tomorrow so I have a lot of things to do and finish up.

So when I say I'm busy, I'm really very busy.

That guy can't get hints, I already cut his call like dunno how many times this week and he still calls. If I wanted to call him back, I would had done that already. But the fact is I didn't, coz I don't have the time and I don't want to talk to him. Besides I have much better things to do.

Was so very pissed yesterday. Out of politeness, I picked up the call, when I know who it was, I told him I was busy, coz I was replying mails. But he keep talking like he did not understand what I said. Ok lor, entertain his questions for a short while, but his questions irritated me, "going on leave already still so busy meh?"

Yes of course, I have a job, I need to get things done before I can go on leave with a peace of mind. Of course I'm busy before I'm going on leave, I can't jolly well leave the things undone. I don't like responsibility, but it does not mean that I'm irresponsible.

In the end I told him that I'm really very busy and I cut his call off. Shiok.. I love the dial tone..

I hate talking to people who cannot be bothered to listen to me.. why talk to me then? Might as well just talk to the mirror since you're not bothered to listen anyway.

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