Tuesday, April 11, 2006

99 emails and late nights to go

Back in Singapore, in the office with tons of things to follow up, including the 99 emails that's in my inbox waiting for me.. Such a nice number huh..

Plus we have a training course next week, so it means late night stays this week.. And a very early monday morning to Oriental to do up the training room..

So tired right now, got back pretty late last night and by the time I've finished packing, it's already 1 plus.. I need my rest.. was so tempted to take MC today but then not possible, if I go on more leave, I think things will go crazy in the office.
Bangkok was ok, I don't really think it's that fun, I found Manila a better place to shop. I prefer malls over makeshift stalls :) plus things are not really that cheap, prices seem to have went up already.

The food was so-so also, I can find better tomyam over at Golden Mile. The food was either too salty or too sweet, plus, they are so watered down, not spicy at all. The Big Splash over there is also not as good as the one back in sg. *disappointed* where's all the live seafood??

I almost fainted at Chatuchat due to the heat and menstral cramps. Yes, I'm darn suay, always kanna my period when I travel. Serious, it's three times in a row already.

Then we flew budget airline and stayed in a 3-star hotel, which is really not the way I like to travel. I'm pampered, I like to travel SIA and have nothing less than 5-star for my stay. The hotel is cheap, but you get what you pay for, and what we get is really.. urgh... The hotel booking was not really done properly, so we were dumped on a smoking floor.. urgh!!

The room was really pretty horrible till we managed to get a chance of room the next morning. And I'm surprised at how sensitive I was to the smell, I could not sleep for the whole night. After the change of room, I was able to sleep properly for one night, till some stupid tour group checked-in and started to wake us up every single morning. They would just stand right outside our doors and start chatting.

I was so tempted to go up to them and ask them to shut up, can't they move to the lobby area to talk?! Inconsiderate bastards. And the best thing of all, they are all Singaporeans, no wonder we have such a bad reputation overseas.

But I still had a great time, really, it's not that place that matters, it's the company, and I have the best company in the world, my Ah Dear. It was so fun travelling with Ah Dear, walking around, exploring places and just spending time together ^^

5 days with my Ah Dear and that's the best part of the holiday :)


Burnz said...

dear... it's also my wish to let you stay at home and be a "tai tai".

I'll work very hard for our future and give you the best.

b.muse said...

Welcome back, sweetie!! :)

Hee it's gd to see that u can refuse to let all the little irritating details spoil ya hol and enjoy it instead with ya fav company. =) Agree that the company is what matters the most!

At least the weekend comes earlier this wk with Gd Friday! Take care and catch up soon dear.. :)

Jayce said...

Ah Dear:: *hugz*

Jun:: *hug* too.. though it's holiday, but will most probably come back to the office to get the things done :p

But there's always a silver lining, the training will be over at Oriental, which have 3 very good restaurants where we will have our lunch!! Melt the World Cafe, Dolce Vita and Cherry Garden!! Yum!! If I have time to eat lah :p