Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Women are stupid

We are stupid, we do all sorts of things to hurt ourselves and most of the time, we do not know the reason for the actions.

We try to look pretty for our man, we starve ourselves, apply tons of lotions, pluck our hairs and go through all sorts painful process, all for the abstract concept of being pretty. What is pretty but in the eyes of the beholder?

Not only that, we put ourselves through all sorts of emotional traumas, all for the name of love. What is love but a state of mind?

And guess what? Our state of mind changes all the time.. Feelings change all the time..

The stupid things that we do is amazing.. I'm constantly amazed at how stupid woman can be, giving up everything for the name of love.

Love, promises.. Cassanova, empty promises..

Why are some women so blind? Can't they see that they are just toys? Meant to be play with and then discarded. No matter how hard they try to show that they are in control, it's obvious that they are not. The guy holds all the cards in his hands, he obviously is fooling around with the girl, so why do the girl refuse to see that?!

Trying so hard to prove to others that they are in control? Who are they trying to fool? We have eyes to judge for ourselves. And even if they are in control, so what? What does that have to do with me? A relationship is between 2 people, it does'nt matter what others think, what matters most is how the two people in the relationship think. The whole world can think that they are the perfect couple, but if one person in the relationship does not think so, then they can never be the perfect couple.

When other people's opinions matter, there is something wrong with the relationship.

Stupid women.. Women are ruled by their emotions, that's why you can never trust them. (yah, me included)

Need another reason? Try this, why should you trust someone who bleeds for 7 days and not die? :p

I rest my case.

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