Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Oh my god!! Richie!! What are you saying?!? Aren't you the person without tomorrow??

Er Qi, how can you compete with 亞斯?! It's 亞斯 leh, it's your boss..

Ah Dear I wanna watch episode 9!!! hee.. I think I'm nuts liao.. but then 愛情魔髮師 is really a very nice show!! and yes, I'm a sucker for such silly shows.. keke.. The shows are a good way to relax mah, just watch and don't have to think.

Ah Dear.. episode 8 on the plane? I want my Artz hug again.. hee..
I'm happy ^^/ flying off to Bangkok in 24 hours!! I'm counting down already!! Finally 5 days of peace and quiet, away from work. Though there's still things to finish up in the office, I've already done what I could, I've already tried to settle as much things as possible, so the rest.. I don't care already.

I'm going off for my holidays and I'm going to enjoy myself ^^/ God bless my boss :p

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