Thursday, March 02, 2006

Vodafone 904SH

Finally it's announced.. On the whole, there's not much difference from my 903, the most significant change is in the screen. This is going to be the world's first mobile phone with a full VGA resolution screen.

So what does this mean? It means that the screen would be one of the best in the market. How the screen is is dependant on two things, the colours that the screen have (thus the 65k, 262k and 16m things) and the other thing would be its resolution. VGA resolution mean 480 x 640 pixels, which is about 4 times more than the normal screen available on the market. So it means that the sreen will be 4 times clearly than normal phones.

And trust me, I've seen a VGA screen before, on Dopod, it's amazing. It's like watching tv. The smaller the pixels are, the more pixels there are, the clearer the image is.
The look and feel is similiar to 903, even the dimensions are the same. But I think the solid color of 903 looks better.. And so far I haven found any pics that shows a red 904!! :( I like my "little" red phone ^^

The marking difference is the appearance of the external lcd. Finally.. after 902, it disappeared and now it made a comeback.
In the usual sharp style, the external display is just one little line. I dunno why they design it this way?? Maybe to save batt?
There is one in light blue, which looks pretty ok but I don't really like the plastic part on the screen.

904's hardware is very similiar to 903, with the same 3.2mp external camera (where's the rumored 5mp camera? have to wait for 905?), 1.1mp internal camera. It's the software part that makes it interesting.

It have improved bluetooth technology, which allows chat and gaming within a 10m radius; Motion control sensor which measures the mobile's position in 3d and games to make use of this feature; Face recognition.

The face recognition feature is interesting, it scans your eyes and mouth when you pick up the phone. This feature is supposed to prevent unauthorized usage of the phone and in case the phone is lost. I think Tammy would love to have this feature in her phone, then her vids would not be still floating around. But I'm not too sure if the feature comes in everytime you use the phone, or it's something that the user can decide.

This phone will be available in late april.. should I use the money our dear govt is giving to get it? But I wonder if it can be unlocked.. hmmm..


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