Thursday, March 02, 2006

Expensive Lunch aka Diva Experience

I've spent a bomb again.. I'm guilty of it, very now and then and most of the time too often :p

But I didn't have anyone to have lunch with today mah.. and then dunno what to do and don't wanna stay in the office :p so took the chance to try out the place that I've always wanted to.

I guess it's not hard to guess where I went ba. Yes, I went to Dashing Diva, the super pink looking place over at Suntec. Actually I thought of going to the nail place where I usually go but I want something different today, looking more for nail art kinda stuff, so off to Dashing Diva :p

I got served by this Vietnamese lady called Tih Tih, I like the way she works, she's very meticulous and pays a lot of attention to details. Only thing is I can't really understand what she's saying half of the time.
doggy checks out pretty nails
Nice? ok, those were supposed to be red crystals, but then somehow it turns out looking black in the photo.. hmm.. nevermind, i'll upload the nicer photos when I get home, uploading via mms is too ex already.

The service is really not bad, the place is very nicely decorated and very well equiped. I saw all kinda tools which I did not see over at my usual shop.

But.. I still think their service is overpriced. They may have nice stuff and good service, but the pricing still makes me think twice about going back.

I took up the Pampered Diva Manicure
pampered diva manicure
which cost me 50 bucks!! I can do mani and pedi over at my usual place for that price, but nevermind, we must give everything a try mah..

I should had taken the normal mani, which is 30 bucks, coz other than putting some stuff on my cuticles and a scrub, there's really nothing very special and pampering about the whole manicure.

And being at Dashing Diva, of course I have to try out their nail art, which I did, for 25 bucks.. I brought some red crystals (fake one lah) which the manicurist proceeded to stick on my nails.. I think they look great, very pretty :) but charging me 15 bucks to put on the crystals.. hmm.. the crystals cost me 10 bucks, which were ok, but 15 bucks to stick something on.. err.. nvm.. one time only.

I like the manicurist that did my nails. She's married to a Singaporean (no surprise) and that's the reason why she's in Singapore. Initially I thought she was Thai, coz of the way she speaks but turn out she's Vietnamese. So now, I have had my nails done by Singaporean, Filippino and Vietnamese.

I realise when I talk to them, they would always think that their country have the best food around, which I agree in a sense. Things that are most familiar to you will always be the best tasting. After being overseas, I would always miss Singapore food. Even if they serve Singapore food there, it just would not taste the same.

Tih Tih is a very good manicurist, get past her uncomprehensible mandarin, she's really very nice to talk to, and darn friendly too. When I mention that I'm interested to go Saigon, she told me she's going back in June and asked me if I wanted to join her!! serious!! She told me she would be able to bring me around and show me all the good food. So sweet right?

Plus she pays attention to the smallest details, making sure that there's no nail polish left under my nails. You know how nail polish can get under your nails at times but we don't bother and let it be since no one would be looking under your nails. She notices such stuff and then proceeds to clean it off. I really like this attention to details.

Overall, it's an interesting experience, I'm not going back there unless I want some serious nail art done. Maybe go there before my wedding ba :p hee.. if they haven close down of course. Ooo.. I can see my nails already, a deep shiny red with white crystals.. so nice... ^^ I have a vivid imagination.

But for the 75 bucks spent, I rather go have lunch for two at Ko (the old Suntory).


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Anonymous said...

hi !! looks beautiful ;) you have a beautiful hands and you know how to take care and make it more sexy, juz thought the nails can make scratch marks :) if wild but would be feel good !! take care, Neol