Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What a &^$&^* morning..

For the second day in a row, the train service was delayed. Argh.. Yesterday it was due to a train fault, today it's due to a track fault. Then what about tomorrow? Damn irritating, I'm trying to get to the office early and such things happens. If it's on a normal-i-bochup-day, I will still feel better, but yesterday was one of those days where I have a meeting in the morning and thus the need to get to work earlier. Lucky the meeting was postponed to the afternoon.

Two times in a row already.. sometimes when it comes to such stuff, I'm darn suay. I used to work in Tampines and I would take a bus down to work. There was one week, 4 days in a row, I was caught in a traffic jam over at TPE due to an accident over at Lor Halus. I think that place is cursed, accidents always happen on that stretch of road.

Please don't treat me as if I'm stupid, I hate that. I am not stupid, never been and never will be! Sometimes I may not know certain things, the reason is that I am not knowledgeable enough, not that I'm stupid. I say again, I am not stupid, so don't treat me like one. Argh!!

I know when I'm in a rush, I could always take a cab. Of course I know that, anyone would know that. If I'm really in a rush, I would take a cab no matter what. I'm working already, I can easily fork out 10~20 bucks, there's no need for me to consider about money when I'm late. And I already said I know, why must you keep repeating yourself? I KNOW! I'm not stupid.

It's like when we are watching the show on marine life. I know what the things are. I may not know about them in the past but I did listen and I remember. Please don't keep repeating, I know.

I hate it when I'm treated as if I'm stupid, whether the other person mean it or not.


Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog, it reminds me of some of my experiences, it sometimes nice to re-live those times and sometimes i can relate it to my past and present, thou i dont blog, i like reading what u write, i like knowing about you, i think i m getting attracted towards you ....hehehe ... your bf will be jealous :D ... anyways, I like it and will continue to read, may be i m your secret admirer ;) Neol

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to add, you have lovely hands and nice nails too... i agree with you about that. but as i said i dont blog but yes i ICQ :) take care !