Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spyware for Mobile Phone!! My Gosh!!

Just when I was talking about trust last nite, I found this a moment ago.. I can't believe it.. They actually developed a software to..
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Yes, that's a software that can secretly track your partner's calls and sms. It does more than it, it can..

-READ your partners SMS

-REVEAL their call history

-PROTECT your children from SMS abuse

-ARCHIVE all your own SMS for the future

-SAVE your call history

-MONITOR your phone charges

-CONTROL your GPRS data charges

Other than the first 2 function, which also happens to be its selling point, I think it's a pretty good product. I always like to archive my messages, and I have yet found a software that works with my Sharp, but I do have archives of messages for my SE :)

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According to the website:

FlexiSPY Light is a 'activity logger' for mobile phones. All activity such as sending & receiving SMS messages, call history, (incoming / outgoing), call duration, GPRS activity, & contact names in their address book that is associated to each SMS and call. What truly makes FlexiSPY so unique, is that not only is it the world's first spy application designed and built exclusively for the mobile phone, but it's absolutely undetectable by the user! You can install FlexiSPY within minutes and receive your first phone acitivy report within hours!

Haiz.. trust.. You must trust the people around you, if you suspect everything that they do, how miserable your life would be.

Of course you can't just trust just anyone, but sometimes we gotta learn to have faith in people, to trust them. If you spend all the time suspecting everyone, where would you have the time to live your own life??

No, I'm not going to put down the url of this product, I don't believe that this product should even be on the market. Everyone have their own freedom, we all have basic rights, this is wrong.

If you don't trust your partner and have to check on him, isn't it time to re-evaluate the relationship?

Maybe you two should never be together.

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