Thursday, March 16, 2006


I hate Qiaoen!! How come she's so lucky and gets to hug 明道?!? I also want!! I also wanna 小鹿乱撞!!

Haha.. I think I'm going crazy over all these vid clips.. but 茼蒿 is just so cute!! I can't help it!! I like guys who are tall and got built :p hee.. then again, who doesn?

Watching a new show <<爱情魔发师>> right now.. The first episode is kinda duh, but then as usual the pace picks up and the show gets more interesting.

The look and feel is similiar to wang zi, even the cast is almost the same, with the exception of the female lead. Though I don't really like sweetie, but for a 17 year old girl, I think her acting skills are ok.

I'm loving Youtube right now, there's so so many clips there!! Here's one for 爱情魔发师

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