Monday, March 13, 2006

Interesting Sights at Somerset MRT Station

First up, the famous canal over at Somerset MRT station. That canal is really filled with life, with all sorts of fishes and other water-dwelling creatures. Last week, Ah Dear and I were staring at the lone fish in the canal (it was low tide) when I saw this huge thing slithering along the canal. Initially I though it was a lizard, you know, those big ones that can swim, but it turned out to be this humongous catfish!! It was really huge, like almost half a metre long.. scary..

Coz of the shallow water, it was trashing its way to god-knows-where, and at a pretty amazing speed. It's really amazing to see such a big fish in the middle of town.

Second is a human sight. After a couple of hours of shopping and a movie, we went back to Somerset to catch the train back. Just as we were on the escalator down to the station, something white caught my eyes. It was so gross.. This girl in front of me was wearing this low cut skirt which show off her butt crack.

And to make it worst, I don't see any thong or anything.. meaning she's going commando.. eewww.. I swear.. I can see the whole way through..

I don't like butt cracks, I mean I don't like to see them. There's nothing appealing about that. It's not that bad wen you're showing off your thong, but just butt crack alone.. *gross*

I wanted to take a pic to show WW (think he will like it) but didn't manage to get a chance after we got off the escalator (that's when I recovered from the shock).

It was really kinda gross.. and butt cracks are like so dated.. that was "in" back like a year or two ago..
Talking about butt cracks and low cut skirts/jeans, I need to get this off my chest. I really don't get why some girls like to wear low-cut jeans. Of course it looks nice on the model, they are models, they are supposed to look good. We are normal people and not everyone looks good in low-cut jeans.

First, those who have a tummy. Whether we like it or not, some of us will have tummies no matter how much we diet. Tummies do not go with low cut jeans, they just show off your tummy more. Totally eww.. Just the other day I saw this girl who looks ok waist up, waist down... she had a tummy and she was wearing this low cut skirt.. totally gross out..

Second, those who ok figures or those who do not have hour glass figures or those who do not have a nice butt. Somehow, low cut jeans "eats" up your butt, I'm serious, I've seen so many girls who looks as if they do not have any butt coz of the low cut jeans. The lower they wear them, the flatter their butt looks. Plus, due to the flattening of the butt, the girl looks like she have no figure at all, no curves, no nothing.

There are a couple of times when I see girls with their super low cut jeans and I have to fight off the temptation to go up to them and pull up their jeans!! Please look into the mirror before you leave the house.. haiyo..


Rambling Alcoholic said...

Next time, you should take a photo and post it on your blog! Benefit your male readers mah... *snigger*

But I agree, there is sexy, and there is tacky.

Butt cracks are tacky. Cleavage is sexy (not too much though).

Jayce said...

haha.. I wanted to.. but lost my chance and it was just too obvious later on..

must learn the skills of stealth photo-taking :p

And don't you feel damn tempted to throw something in when you see butt cracks? Perfect ass(sh) trays