Monday, March 13, 2006

A Great Weekend

It's been quite some time since I had such a fun weekend, thank you Ah Dear² for taking time to go pator with me :)

I really had so much fun, it's just like a year back when Ah Dear's in NS and I'm happily not working. I'm still looking forward to the days where I don't have to work.. Hey, one can always dream right?

Went to catch Underworld Evolution. Lousy show, a poor excuse for sex and gore. No storyline or whatever so, a very lousy sequel to the first show.

Then went to Ko (Intercontinental) for lunch :) Ah Dear and I shared a set, which is the super duper wonderful Wagyu set. Yes, I absolutely love wagyu.. love love love it.. it was so good, so soft, so juicy, just the right amount of marbling.. hao xin fu.. Shall post the pics later.

On Sunday, thankz to ke ai de Xinjie, we went to Caribbean @ Keppel Bay for a morning swim. Yepz, the Caribbean which is right next to the sea, the super posh and expensive condo :p The pool was HUGE!!! and the best thing, you can laze in the jacuzzi whilst looking at the sea.. nice.. Also, the changing room was super nice too!! Pictures later too.. was too tired after the swim that after lunch, we went back home and concuss.

That's it for the previous weekend, it may not seem much, but any time spent with Ah Dear is precious time ^^

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