Saturday, March 04, 2006

I want this!!!


This is Wenwei's 3000+ bucks laptop which he had brought.. argh!! it's damn nice!!

It's supposed to be the fastest laptop that can be found in the singapore market right now.. and even if it's not the best, just look at it.. look at that!! It's freaking carbon fibre lor.. I like!! ( I think I have a thing for carbon fibre ever since I see them on bikes..)

And he wants to buy a matching mouse!! which will cost him 150+, that guy hor.. he really needs to get a gf to help him spend his money leh.

Oh, I forgot to take a pic of his mouse, but it's bluetooth mouse which is damn nice.. and the bt adaptor is stored inside the mouse.. nice!! I like.. and that cost him about 120.

See, he needs someone to help him spend his money.. hahaha..

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